Google+ Pirates, Photos, Foodies and More

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Google+ Pirates, Photos, Foodies and More

Vancouver BC Community G+When I first started out on Google+ to promote my Vancouver Home Staging business a few months ago, I thought, ho hum...  just another social media site to have to navigate.  I've always struggled with Twitter, and I find Facebook pretty mindless.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think Google+ would take me on such a universal, creative and awe inspiring journey!

Things started off slowly and quietly at first.  Active Rain offered a webinar about Google+ with A/R's own Eric Proulx.  I had already dabbled a bit on G+, but Eric pretty much solidified and clarified what I already knew.  I started to bump into chats with A/R peeps I recognized but hadn't really socialized with here on A/R.  Those who come to mind are Rich Cederberg, Bill Gassett, Debbie Gartner, Melissa Marro, Michael George...  oh, the list goes on and on and you know who you are (you're in my G+ soup!).

I think one of the most important people I've met so far on G+ has to be Carra Riley, also on Active Rain.  Eric Proulx introduced us to Carra and the journey blasted off from there.  Carra generously held a Hangout (kind of like a Skype conference), where she introduced us to the world of photography groups.  The trick with G+ is you have to cast a broad net.  It's no good just talking amongst yourselves in the real estate group.  You need to spread out and diversify.  That's what Google+ likes.  Thanks to Carra, I started joining various photography groups.  I now help Carra moderate the #MyCitySunday photo group, where people from all over the world post photos of their city.  It's a wonderful place for Realtors® to drop photos and brag about their cities.  You can just imagine the dialogue that starts there.

Along the way, I noticed Denise Hamlin and Jennifer Fivelsdal hanging out in the Foodies+ Community.  Hey, I love to cook, and especially eat, so I started to hang out there, too.  I discovered that Michael George, in a previous life, was a private chef - bet you didn't know that, or that he makes a mean home made mozzarella!  The Foodies+ group is run by the classy, charming and world traveller, Nomad Dimitri.  Anyway, after meeting some great people from all over the world, connected by a love of food, I became one of the Monitors of the Foodies+ Community group! 

Through G+, I've met a crazy pirate... that would be Larry Fournillier, a private chef in Trinidad & Tobago.  Larry is the Hangout King Pirate, and has videos on Carribean cuisine and much more.  I'm searching for a juicer, thanks to one of Larry's hangouts, where he featured Meghna Sharma, who lives in India, give us a juicer demo and recipes.  Again, thanks to Carra, I've met a wonderful Italian-born designer, now living in California, Valentina Cirasola, who literally wrote the book on the colour red, RED: A Voyage Into Colors.  I've hob-nobbed with some amazing photographers from all over the world, who capture photos of heart-wrenching street scenes, beautiful landscapes, bridges, signs, you name it!

Back to business, I've created two communities, one promoting Home Staging, and the other promoting my home town, Vancouver, British Columbia.  Am I hooked?  You bet!  Google+ is feeding my soul.  The world is becoming very small, thanks to the global connections made through Google+.  My advice?  Come on in, the water's warm.  Don't just drop your real estate related posts and run.  Stay and chat, interact, ask questions, share photos and experiences.  You won't regret it.

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Janis Borgueta
Key Properties of the Hudson Valley - Newburgh, NY
LIC RE Salesperson

Sally... you have found a great balance.. I'm still out looking. I do see that there is so much potential. I too started with Carra Riley and have been wanting to do more.. It can suck a good portion of the day away.  Where do you get the time??Still I have been meeting so many new people it is amazing. I do like that mycitysunday, and I think I actually was there a bit I'll need to get back there again!

Jan 13, 2013 12:05 PM
Kathy Streib
Room Service Home Staging - Delray Beach, FL
Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224

Sally- I must confess that while I'm on Google+ I've not taken the time to work it as you have.  I love Carra Riley and began following her here first.  I learned so much just by your post and have suggested it. 

Jan 13, 2013 12:28 PM
Sally Weatherley
Vancouver Home Staging, Home Stager Vancouver, B.C

Shar - I know what you mean.  Time is definitely a factor.  It will be interesting to see if I can keep up as our busy season is just starting take off.  Fasten your seatbelts!

Janis - It's scary how much time one can spend on Google+.  Before you know it, half the day is gone!  It's just that it's so much fun chatting to everyone, as you know!  It's been a blast getting to meet you and all the others that started around the same time.  Definitely try to post some photos of your city in #MyCitySunday.  Check out the About page, but if you circle MyCitySunday and make the photo public, then we can "share" it which helps you out, too!  A win-win!

Kathy - Carra Riley has been one of the most generous, giving people I've met.  She has such a good heart and is a great person to get to know.  It does take a while to figure the ins and outs, but if you focus in on your other interests, besides staging, then the experience becomes even richer.  Hey, thanks for the "suggest"!

Jan 13, 2013 12:45 PM
Debbie Gartner
The Flooring Girl - White Plains, NY
The Flooring Girl & Blog Stylist -Dynamo Marketers

Hi Sally. It's been so good getting to know you better on Google Plus.  And, thank you so much for the mention.  It's a been a wonderful journey.

Jan 13, 2013 06:13 PM
Liz Wallace
Century 21 Sherlock Homes - Rockville Centre, NY
Broker C21 Sherlock Homes, Rockville Centre, LI, N

I'm off to find out more about this Google+.  I need another addiction like I need a hole in my head.

Jan 14, 2013 12:04 AM
Joanna Cohlan
Fresh Eyes For Your Home - Chappaqua, NY
Designing, Decorating & Staging Westchester Homes

Hi Sally, I must admit, I have no real appreciation for this yet and my biggest fear is that I will become addicted and not leave my desk chair-I will need to take a day and figure out what all the fuss is about and what I'm missing-you seem so happy and I trust your judgment, I am just nervous about the amount of time I could personally spend...

Jan 14, 2013 12:07 AM
Sally Weatherley
Vancouver Home Staging, Home Stager Vancouver, B.C

Debbie - I'll say! What a ride!

Liz - Ha ha - hey, just don't say I didn't warn you...  yes, very addictive, but worth it!

Joanna - I know, I know, it's a huge time suck!  However, you're also getting your business out there 'cause it's Google!  Definitely check out the Home Staging Community that I started.  There are some great conversations going on there.

Jan 14, 2013 01:43 AM
Sharon Lord
Maracay Homes - Peoria, AZ
New Home Advisor

Sally - I need to get up to speed on G+!  I have an account but haven't really done anything with it....yet....

Jan 14, 2013 01:59 AM
Sally Weatherley
Vancouver Home Staging, Home Stager Vancouver, B.C

Sharon - Oh, you have so much in store...  definitely check out the Home Staging Community - lots of goings on there, and some of the other communities that interest you. Hopeing to see you in Google Plus land soon!

Jan 14, 2013 02:06 AM
Sharon Tara
Sharon Tara Transformations - Portsmouth, NH
New Hampshire Home Stager

 This is a very inspiring post....I'm so happy that you are so happy there! Timing is everything, and for me the time just hasn't hit yet.  It's all too overwhelming for me and I know eventually I will feel like you and I will wish I had jumped in much sooner.  

Jan 14, 2013 08:03 AM
Sally Weatherley
Vancouver Home Staging, Home Stager Vancouver, B.C

Sharon - Yes, you're right.  It is all about the timing.  I don't think it really matters when you jump in, as long as you do at some point, because I know you'd love it!  I can see you monitoring a community called Halloween Costumes or just plain Halloween!  The interests and possibilities are limitless.

Jan 14, 2013 10:44 AM
Lori Cain
eXp Realty - Tulsa, OK
Midtown Tulsa Real Estate Top Producer

Carra Riley is the G+ bomb, isn't she? It IS awesome how it connects so many people with common interests, regardless of location. You will be running into me more in the Foodie communities - which one are you in? See you back at G+ Sally!!

Jan 16, 2013 02:41 AM
Sally Weatherley
Vancouver Home Staging, Home Stager Vancouver, B.C

Lori - Carra's the bomb and so are you!  So glad we connected on G+.  Oh, you MUST join the Foodies+ Community.  Lots of conversation, and we regulate the community with a big stick to keep spammers away and make the experience more enjoyable for the true, genuine members.  If you haven't already, hurry up and join!

Jan 16, 2013 03:00 AM
Maureen Bray Portland OR Home Stager ~ Room Solutions Staging
Room Solutions Staging, Portland OR - Portland, OR
"Staging Consultations that Sell Portland Homes"

Sally ~ you  have really taken the G+ ball and run with it!  I'd like to find more time in each day ... maybe after returning from the RESA conference I'll be disciplined enough to schedule more time for G+.  To me, it's definitely the most important social media platform for 2013.  I've been circling folks and not too much more YET ... but I'll try to catch up!

Jan 22, 2013 12:30 PM
Sally Weatherley
Vancouver Home Staging, Home Stager Vancouver, B.C

Maureen - Yes, G+ has become a bit of an obsession... but for some reason, it really appeals to me more than all the other social media out there (except for Active Rain, of course!).  I know that when the time is right, you'll be a huge contributor to Google+.  So excited to see you again at the RESA Conference!

Jan 23, 2013 01:26 AM
Kim Gaston
RE/MAX Advantage Realty - Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado Springs REALTOR®, CNE (719)661-6987

Sally - Wow, who knew? I have obviously been missing out on a great opportunity. You shared a wealth of information here, thanks for showing me the way. Your enthusiasm about G+ is contagious, so I'll try to jump in and find you soon!

Jan 23, 2013 10:12 AM
Rebecca Gaujot, Realtor®
Lewisburg, WV
Lewisburg WV, the go to agent for all real estate

Sally, you really have taken the jump with G+ ...I'm there, but don't don't seem to have time for all these social networks....

Jan 24, 2013 11:18 PM
Sally Weatherley
Vancouver Home Staging, Home Stager Vancouver, B.C

Kim - I'll be looking for you... 

Rebecca - Were all spread pretty thinly with social media.  I hear you!

Jan 25, 2013 12:02 AM
Anita Clark
Coldwell Banker Access Realty ~ 478.960.8055 - Warner Robins, GA
Realtor - Homes for Sale in Warner Robins GA

Sally: I love the old and new connections on G+ and the opportunity to reach a vast number of people we might not have ever met online.  Keep doing what you're works!

Jan 25, 2013 10:24 AM
Sally Weatherley
Vancouver Home Staging, Home Stager Vancouver, B.C

Anita - G+ really has been a wonderful platform.  It makes the world feel so much smaller, suddenly.  It will be easy to keep doing what I'm doing, because I'm addicted!!!  See you in G+ land ;-)

Jan 25, 2013 10:37 AM