Three Things National Interactive Floor plan Companies Won’t Tell You

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Sure, that flier laying on your desk for cheap interactive floor plans sounds enticing, but choosing the wrong company can be a disastrous experience. Check out some of the things they won't tell you.


•·      Most national companies use local photographers with no real estate photography credentials. National companies save money by going with the least expensive bidder, and whether they only specialize in web cams or wedding cakes, most of them don't specialize in homes. That means no knowledge of staging techniques, absolutely no help in getting the lighting just right, and no guarantee of great pictures to combine with your interactive floor plans. Moreover, most national companies won't be held responsible for the actions of their outsourced photographers, so whether a theft occurs or a dropped camera smashes into your client's property causing thousands in damage, you're the only one who is going to end up paying for it in the end.

•·      That low quote that you see on the paper isn't based on the entire house. Instead, national companies use a low teaser quote to get you to sign up with them, then charge hundreds in additional fees for the deck, the front porch, or even the unfinished basement. What's more is that if you have a property that is deemed too difficult by your cheaper, national solution, expect more fees than you can ever imagine.

•·      National companies often outsource their customer service departments. Choosing national may mean calling thousands of miles away just to understand part of your account. Whether you have a billing concern or you're seriously worried about how your final floor plan turned out, you probably won't get a straight answer from anyone.


The simple truth is that interactive floor plans are a great way to attract clients to your site, but choosing the cheaper alternative doesn't always mean that you're going to get a better product. In fact, in the end, you may get a more expensive one. Contact James Colucci Enterprises today for all of your interactive floor plan needs.

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