Give them something that will really make a difference

Services for Real Estate Pros with Real Estate Client Prep

The absolute best way to attract and capture leads is to start the relationship by helping your propsects, no strings attached.

Imagine prospects reaching your website and finding a free report or audio or video that gives them truly valuable information about the real estate transaction they are about to enter into (and that you'd love to help them with!)...

They like you already!

When you immediately present yourself as someone who cares and truly wants to help make their real estate transaction (and life) easier....

That makes you stand out from your competition (who all have websites that just promote themselves)

That makes you a likable, trusted expert.

That makes you the person/company they are likely to call when they are ready to get going! 


Use a compelling, valuable offer to capture their contact info so you can:

Continue the conversation (80% of sales are made on the 5-12th contact!)

Continue to establish yourself as the trusted expert they want to work with.

Continue to establish yourself as a likable, non-sales-y person who is there to help them.

It's a win for them and a win for you!



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Comments (4)

Donna Foerster
HomeSmart Realty Group - Parker, CO
Metro Denver Real Estate Assistant

Caroline~ Great idea! Recently we've had a few people contact us for a price analysis of their home.  They have offered to pay, but we decline and say the best way to repay us is to refer us business.  They love that idea and I believe down the line that it will result in business.

Jan 16, 2013 03:06 AM
Rebecca Lee McAnallen
RGS Title, LLC - Culpeper, VA
Big city experience, small town service

Interesting slant on keeping contact. Hard to believe it takes 5-12 times, but again, if each showing, phone call for appointment, etc. counts, I am actually surprised it isn't more!

Jan 16, 2013 03:08 AM
Caroline Fitzgerald -
Real Estate Client Prep - Richmond, VA

Donna - That's great! Personal referrals are priceless! Your site(s) are ripe for some sort of offer...especially one that addresses the needs and concerns of the falling behind sellers you specialize in. I'd be happy to throw out some ideas to you if you'd like to chat.



Jan 16, 2013 03:17 AM
Caroline Fitzgerald -
Real Estate Client Prep - Richmond, VA

HI Rebecca. It's hard to believe but it's 5-12 even BEFORE the sales person gets the appointments. That's how many times it takes on average to "close" the prospect and get them as a customer. So, starting with a compelling offer that attracts them and then continuing the conversation with ongoing valuable content (contacts) is SO SO important! And it makes the sales person's life easier to have all their lead follow up done on auto pilot.

Jan 16, 2013 03:23 AM

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