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Absolutely LOVE this!  I read an article today that I was inspired by, and although I don't sit down very long this got my attention! I'm inspired!


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We're in our first week of the 30 in 30 Challenge and we want to make sure you don't experience any roadblocks. Should you need a little inspiration about a topic or if you're simply curious as to some new ideas we've got you covered.  Never should you scratch your head and wonder what you should blog about, the ideas are everywhere!  

Get inspired and blog about:                                                         

Best Practices

Milestones inside and outside of AR

Conduct an interview with someone

Reviews of a movie and how it relates to your business

Reviews of articles you've read outside of AR

Tutorials on home projects, include pictures

Motivational posts

Make a video and embed into a blog for all to see

Write a "20 Things You Didn't Know About Me" post

Common misconceptions about your market

Create an FAQ's list for your consumer traffic

Highlight the best comments you've received from members

Top 3 practices you'll take into 2013 with you


Much more to come from Inspiration Station so continue to check back with us!


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