You can learn a lot of things on YouTube, but how to buy a house is not one of them

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Recent interview with Marc Lebowitz, Exectutive Director of Ada County Association of Realtors-

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The real estate buyer can have on demand, open house round the clock no matter what time zone, zip code they are in. On any type of device for the information on the property, on the local community events. Right now. Video helps us sell more properties, overcomes the stumbler of distance away to see. Real video, not a slide show with Kenny G in the background to cure dead air and just filler works so well. Your show and tell of the area, the properties in it means increased reach, frequency in your marketing. We have owner financing, FAQ videos and they do help sell / help buyers of homes, land, farms, waterfront, small mom and pop business properties. Heading toward a million views on our and other video platforms working their hearts out with the heavy lifting too!

Jan 16, 2013 10:38 PM