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 Can’t buyers use their imagination and look past the décor?

Only about 10% of buyers can actually visualize a home will look like with their stuff in it. This is why having a vacant home professionally staged is so very important.  Most buyers cannot visualize size and scale so furniture helps to give them a frame of reference.


Benefits Of Hiring A Home Stager for The Realtor

Some Points To Consider...

The cost of hiring a Home Stager for an hour is less than you would earn from spending that same hour generating more listings and clients.

Staging costs a far less than the first price reduction.

Offering staging services to potential clients gives you a distinct marketing advantage.

Your clients will appreciate that you are leaving no stone unturned in assisting them prepare their home for sale.

Your listings will be shown often since they are ready to sell.

Staged Homes convey a professional image on websites and fliers.

The Home Stager can take over all of the preparation discussions and details with your clients, freeing you up to market the home.

Your clients' major assets are their homes. Once they decide to sell, their greatest concern is getting the best price. You can help them do just that by recommending they have their homes staged so they will appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers.

Staging is a valuable service for any home you list regardless of the price, style, location or size. When a home is properly staged it often leads to a faster and more profitable sale.

By offering home staging services right from the beginning of your client relationship, you distinguish yourself from competitive agents who do not offer staging services as part of their marketing plan.

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