CAP RATES on the Decline in Florida for Commercial Real Estate

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I am noticing that most of the CAP Rates on commercial Real Estate in Florida are on the decline.  This is especially true in Multi-Family Apartment buildings.  Is this a good thing?  This is a good thing if you Own Commercial property, but this means higher prices for buyers.  The trend will most likely continue so if you are looking to BUY a Commercial property in Florida I would recommend buying now before prices climb too high.  If you are looking to BUY a Commercial Property in Florida please contact me ASAP so I can help you find a great deal while they are still available.  Also if you are an OWNER of Commercial Real Estate please contact me for a free market analysis of what your property is worth in todays market.  I would also be happy to discuss what properties surrounding yours are going for.  Please contact Gary Gagnon at

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