harbour Equity Partners on Super Jumbo Loan programs

Mortgage and Lending with Harbour Equity Partners, Private Client Services

Q. What do we do that is so special ?

A. It is the partners of Harbour Equity Partners that are the bankers behind the structures that are offered. Our team manager is very creative in structuring deals that will fund, and comes from a 15 year career on wall street as a derivative trader and market market-maker for two of the largest banks in the world. Our goal is to vet through transaction for both the private banking and hedge fund transactions to get traction on the deals that we can take out quickly. Our prelim approval process is usually minutes unless there is more information needed on a particular borrower or transaction. Due to the industry changes and the processes implemented by lenders which ultimately waste precious time we have developed our own customized process and software that helps to shorten the time of pre-qualifying a borrower so as to get though many more transaction per day and ultimately be very efficient in our process which benefits new clients in having answers to their concerns on financing.
Our Process is unique, and really cant be offered anywhere except by the private banking institutions themselves. We have arranged a unique process here to offer loans on very high end property and or assets, and we have the ability to get very high LTVs and cross lien with additional collateral and or investment grade securities. This gives a borrower an edge in the market place to get financing done where deals are usually lost to value and appraisal issues or loan size etc. In addition, we have our own settlement and compliance attorney that draws the fees from closing and wires your fee directly to all 3rd party originators.

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