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David Lereah


According to David Lereah, the National Association of Realtors chief economist, home sales will remain historically high through 2007. Lereah, "We've entered a more sustainable period of home sales now, and we expect greater support for prices over time as inventory levels are eventually drawn down." 

David Jackson, an e Blogger from Maryland, says of David Lereah "Mr. Lereah tells half truths and manipulates facts and figures. He cannot be trusted as he is a paid shill." Jackson's blogspot David Lereah Watch Blog was recently mentioned in the Wall Street Journal in an article titled 'Renters Gloat Over Housing Slump'.  In the article it states "Mr. Jackson has maintained a blog ( devoted entirely to vilifying Mr. Lereah." Wow, all that because a guy could not purchase a property?

As it amazes me how an economist can make an across the board (or across the country) statement such as the above, I hardly think it requires a blog site to vilify the person who made the statement.  So, in looking at the statistics from the Heartland MLS, sales for December, in both the new home market and the resale market, were down from the same time last year by approx. 22%. Plus, the average sale price, for that same time period comparison, went up by 4%...hhmmm...I had better get working on a site like Jacksons.(Sarcasm)

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David Spencer
Keller Williams Northland - Kansas City, MO
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AH, but you see yours and his crystal ball are not connected to the same web. As "they say" time clears up the cloud in everyones ball, and everyone is an optimist.

Just go north of the river and you will see the boom.

Jan 17, 2007 06:22 AM
Jacqueline McCroy Elbert
RE/MAX Realty Suburban - Overland Park, KS
I must be cloudy...what are you saying?
Jan 17, 2007 06:34 AM