Audubon Reserve Market Update for 2007

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Audubon Reserve is located in the southern section of the Kissimmee real estate market off of Pleasant Hill Rd.  There has been 2 single family houses sold in 2007.  They sold for $265,000 and $279,000 and were 1,959 square feet and 2,356 square feet.  They took an average of 164 days before they sold.

There are presently 0 houses that are pending closing.

There are a total of 14 houses on the market ranging in size from 1,941 square feet to 3,434 square feet with asking prices ranging form $200,900 to $377,900.  Out of the 14 houses that are up for sale, 8 of them are priced at $270,000 or lower.

Considering the amount of houses sold in 2007, the saturation rate, (the amount of time it will take to sell all of the houses in a specific area assuming that no other houses are listed in that area) will be 84 months.  This is extremely high compared to the rest of the Kissimmee real estate market.

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