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The short sale process is still a mystery to many people, even after all these years. Lots of buyer's agents are confused; puzzled buyers are looking for direction, and not every short sale listing agent knows how to do a short sale. Fortunately, we do and we have the record of success to prove it! We are a Chilton WI Short Sale Consultant. Banks grant short sales for 2 reasons: the seller has a hardship, and the seller owes more on the mortgage than the home is worth.

 A few examples of hardship are:

  • Unemployment/reduced Income
  • Divorce
  • Medical Emergency
  • Job transfer out of town
  • Bankruptcy
  • Death

If you are experiencing any of these situation click here for a FREE consultation.

Chilton WI Short Sale Help


Short sales are very labor intensive and have no guarantee of ever closing. For this reason many agents will shy away from short sales and many more should. We have the training and the record of success to help you with your Chilton  WI short sale.The initial consultation is easy and quite painless. It's Fast, it's easy, and it's Free!You are not alone in your situation. Even if you have two mortgages we have the expertise to help. Here are some reasons for going with a short sale....

Win #1: You win by getting out of financial predicament a clean transaction and a salvaged credit score. Your property is saved from foreclosure, thus helping you to save your credit rating. Allowing your home to proceed into foreclosure may adversely affect your credit for up to 7 years.

Win #2: The lender wins by avoiding timely and costly foreclosure proceedings which could lead to an even more costly expense of ownership of the real estate by the bank.

Win #3: The buyer of your property wins by getting a solid property at a good market value.

If you are worried about foreclosure and are wondering if short sale is for you, then you can get a free consultation where you will find out how to save your home and what options are available to you.


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Chilton WI Short Sale Help


Don't wait until it is too late. Often times the earlier you start the short sale process the higher the success rate.

We are trained as a Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource

Chilton WI Short Sale Consultant

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