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Mobile Devices and Real Estate Searching - Premier or Passe?

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Mobile Devices and Real Estate - Premier or Passe?

How often have you passed a Realtor Sign Post or A-Board and found no flyer or QR-Code or Text-for-more-info?  Many agents still believe customers are just cruising neighborhoods and will call for more info.  What about their mobile devices?


Not so.  Now you have the advent of the “Smart Consumer” (See Inman News Dec. 2012) who is not only looking for a home but is looking for information.  Guess how?  Using mobile devices for their real estate searching.  Hmmm.


According to this morning’s VisiStat Report (Market Leader) a full 88% of mobile owners are using their Apple mobile products to get the text-to-website link (with call capture!) or scanning the QR Codes.  More than 55% are using iPads, so you think your marketing should include mobile searching for real estate?  

mobile devices for real estate searching

And you know they're using mobile devices for real estate searching.  Don’t allow your website to get “squished” when viewed on a mobile.  Reduce the required screen size for viewing and get your product across.   The majority of screen resolution detail is viewed in 1280x800, so don’t drop a half gig image on your display.


About 73% are Flash-enabled so that means you must accommodate the other 27% of Java users.  Or lose them.  Hmmm.  Use it or lose it?  Ok.


Last but not least, it seems that since Microsoft presented Windows 8 the number of Internet Explorer users has skyrocketed - some 56% of browsers used now - so be sure to be I.E. friendly.  What does that mean?  That means another blog OR you can research it on your own, no worries.  Just remember:  The client you want is likely using mobile devices for real estate searching and you'd better be there.


Many of us that prefer Mac products tend to shy away from I.E. and other kindred products but the standardization of integral elements in the manufacturing process has resulted in better products crossing old partisan lines.  Did you know you may find Apple products in your PC? Take a look.  See you next time.


James Locklear

Kirkland, WA