Danville CA Real Estate Activity for 2012

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The real estate activity for Danville CA showed significant improvement over 2011 with the average sales price up 5% and number of units sold up 11%. The number of REO (foreclosed) sales have decreased 2012 versus 2011, yet short sales are on par with 2011.

The chart below compares Danville home sales activity for 2012 with 2011 and include detached homes only.

Danville CA Home Sales Activity 2012

This chart is a breakdown of price ranges for Danville homes sold in 2012. The largest pool of buyers are in the $700,000 to $799,000 price range. 25% of the homes sold were in the one million dollar plus price range.

Danville CA Home Sales Activity 2012

Here we see there were more homes sold in the Danville 94526 zip code, which has a more diverse range of prices as compared to 94506.  The 94506 zip code has a higher average price range due to this area being newer and virtually nothing selling below $600,000 and 47% of the homes selling above $900,000.

Danville CA Home Sales Activity 2012


Danville CA 5 Year Home Sales Activity 2008-2012

Danville CA Home Sales Activity 2012

Danville 5 Year Comparision of average sales prices indicate 2012 final numbers are back to 2009 levels. In all likelihood it will take a few more years to get back to the 2007/2008 levels which were the peak but the good news prices are headed in the right direction and based on the unit sales in 2012 - there is buyer demand for homes in Danville.

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