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 Our Goal for Borrowers

SuperJumboLoans.info, has consolidated valuable banking resources that provide real financing for a select niche of borrower. Our goal is to zero in on the side of transactional business that we can get done, and As a borrower you may have wasted alot of time looking for financing or maybe you just don’t have the time to weed through your options. With the financing world ever changing the environment is cluttered with financing options that don’t have real value, or the ability to follow through all the way to getting you closed. Our programs in particular only cater to the ultra high net worth client. These clients may have a value or appraisal issues or may not show income on their personal tax returns.

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The high lights of the programs that we offer are as follows:

We are able to offset appraised value issues by creating synthetic LTV to get the value we need or 100% or more, of the property value.

We are able to use cash flow from a borrower’s business rather than personal tax returns.

We are able to annuitize cash reserves to synthetically create income to qualify.

We are able to cross collateralize and lend against stock accounts and other securities at rates starting at 1.75% interest only for any term.

We are able to offer a business line of credit and or combine that with a mortgage and asset based loans.

We have the ability to cross collateralize or provide a standalone loan on personal property such as fine art or jewelry.

The programs that we offer are not conventional loan programs, rather customized loans that may blend several products into one goal. The process for these programs was created by us for our own transactions, and now we offer these programs to other high net worth borrowers on a referral basis


The Process:

As a high net worth borrower we will evaluate your profile and gather the relevant material for submission. We are able to refer you into our investment banking relationships and get a private banker assigned to your file after a prelim review of your profile.

To start we will need to have you to complete the CIS form below and email it to us at the address below. If approved we will get you a manager to start the dialog and what is know as the KYC process ( Know Your Client). Our manager will collect the information on your last 2 years personal and business income, asset statements credit and or appraisal. From there we will generate disclosures for you and build the profile for review. At this point our investment bankers will be invited into our system to to review your profile only, and none of your material actually leaves our office. Once we have the prelim approval we will be able to start processing. If you have any questions prior to sending the CIS form,, feel free to email and we will respond promptly.

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