Steve, what are you doing?

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Often heard at events like last night's Northwest Indiana tweetup is the question:  Steve, what are you doing?  Or some variation of that same question.   So a longer answer here for posterity sake.

Like many home builders in 2007/08 our company was wracked with banking problems, as our mortgage companies evaporated and vendors started to dissapear.  We made the decision to shut down our company, one that built in excess of 200 homes over 7 years.  Looking back that was the best decision, but now we want to build again.

In the interim I have returned to my consulting roots, working with some terrific companies in the areas of economic development, EGov, municipal planning, digital marketing, and social media.   Yeah, that's a lot but I've always been a learner and a collaborator.  I would prefer not to be the expert in the niche as much as know best how to get along with technicians and experts.  It's very similar to home building actually.

Julie has moved into a full time position selling real estate in Valparaiso with Prime Real Estate.   We're both excited about this as she has brought our four teen agers through the days of early childhood and can now have some fun with a real estate career. 

So with one hand remaining firmly on the wheel, I will retain all my consulting relationships for the foreseeable future ... we have determined that the timing is finally right to build again.   There will be good days and bad days I'm sure, but Green Pointe Homes will build in 2013 in Valparaiso Indiana.    There will be announcements and promotions, social media and content galore ... but to you whom I've learned so much from and look forward to working with again ... thanks! 

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