Lessons from an Outsider About How to Market Your Real Estate Company

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What do Walmart, Lexmark, Readers Digest and Unicef have in common?

Not a single thing.  But they do have one person in common:  David Anderson.

David Anderson, CEO of David Anderson Wealth, has spent more than two decades marketing major brands in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan.  His clients have included Big Box stores and small business entrepreneurs.  And he's successfully marketed publishing houses, clothing stores, museums, grocery store chains and non-profits.

His expertise does not lie in real estate, which may make him an unlikely source of advice for how to promote yourself as a Realtor.  But his outsider status may give him an edge over traditional real estate marketing companies, often founded by successful agents and brokers.

David Anderson is not, for the record, soliciting real estate agents and brokers for business.  His current marketing efforts are focused on his Wealthopedia course, which teaches small business owners how to make money with new and established businesses.  But he his vast experience about what motivates buyers can be applied to real estate or any other type of business.

So before you hire a real estate specialist to market your company or before you opt to handle marketing on your own, here are 5 reasons why you might find value in his free Wealthopedia course or online blog:

1.  Learn to think like a big company.

Giant companies like Walmart and Readers Digest, though they're in dissimilar industries, follow a similar plan for success.

The so-called secrets to corporate success are common knowledge among the world's most powerful CEOs.

Business consultants such as David Anderson know the formula and how to apply it to small businesses.

A real estate marketer knows one field extremely well, but an all-purpose marketer understands universal rules of business success that you can apply to your real estate business.


2.  Learn how to be first at being second.

 Let some other real estate company be the innovator.  It's hard work to invent a product, service or approach.

It's easier to be successful at what someone has also done successfully -- as long as you're next or near-next in line.

Consider how many companies owe their success to McDonald's, whose founder wrote the script on how to set up a successful business system.  Studying successful companies both inside and outside of your industry can help you quickly rise to the number two spot.


3.  Learn  how to develop a plan of action

You already know how to sell houses.  But if you want to grow your real estate business as well as increase sales, you need an action plan that goes beyond "sell more houses."

You need a plan to get from A to Z -- and all of the letters in the alphabet in between.

The needs of your customers change, sometimes rapidly because of technology.  Home buyers and sellers no longer depend on Realtors to tell them what houses are for sale or how to calculate property taxes -- they can get all of that information online.

If you want to increase your client base, you need a plan of action that focuses on the real needs of your clients.


4.  Learn best online marketing practices

What you don't know about Internet marketing can hurt you.  Many companies ,including real estate companies, were hurt by Google's Panda and Penguin algorithms.

The role of SEO has changed and will continue to change as Internet users become more sophisticated.  Learn more about content marketing and what it takes to rise -- and stay --on the stop of search engine rankings in the new Internet environment.


5.  Learn how to see the big picture

One of the biggest reasons companies fail is because their leaders fail to see the big picture.  And sometimes it's hard for insiders -- other real estate professionals -- to see the big picture because you've all been looking at the same picture for a long time.

Outside professionals can teach you how to think differently.  They can see things that you can't and may help you find an approach that surpasses rather than replicates what other real estate professionals are doing.

You already understand real estate.  An outsider can teach you how to combine that expertise with the best marketing practices in other industries.

If, for example, you want to become the McDonald's of the real estate industry, studying Ray Kroc's leadership style may be as important as studying the marketing practices of Century 21 or the Corcoran Group.


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Jennifer Ferri
Title Junction, LLC - Fort Myers, FL

These are some great tips for an outsider looking in. Great read, thank you for sharing and posting.

Jan 23, 2013 12:09 AM
Property Target
Property Target - Coquitlam, BC
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post and commenting! I hope that you have a great day Jennifer :)
Jan 23, 2013 12:47 AM