RATES! ? !

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Have they called? I bet they have....it seems that the media has gotten exactly what they?  I mean what WE needed!  Now, I am sure that everyone here knows that the bank rate does not reflect the long term rates such as the 10 Yr Bond market...but if it gives consumers confidence in the market...who really cares?  What is great and now the media finally is telling us all about it as they tend to know everything...right?  Is that consumers are finally calling and we (all of us great real estate professionals...that's you and me) get to tell them about all the great listings being sold for less than appraised value and the great deals to be had on the interest rates!  In fact, the rates were great for the last few years (compared with historic rates people...think about the 80s).  But, hey we're here for them....they need us...we need them.....they need a house....they need a mortgage....it can all be great....Now, seriously if you have any people with money....NOW, really is the time to buy!  Great Rates! Great Buys!  Go get 'em! and of course.....Good Luck!

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