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The Real Scoop on the Pierpont Lofts in Salt Lake City

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Do not buy a loft at the Pierpont Lofts in Salt Lake City until you have read this. You really need to consider a few things before you jump in and purchase one.

The Pierpont Lofts in Salt Lake City can be found at 346 W 240 S (in between 200 and 300 S). They back up to my personal favorite loft community, the Broadway Park Lofts. The Pierpont Lofts have some great features and generally have a good vibe. They were converted from two warehouses into lofts back in 2001. From the covered courtyard to the exposed brick added to the fact that these lofts actually used to be a warehouse make the Pierpont Lofts worth taking a look at. There are a variety of floor plans at the Pierpont Lofts. Some of the units even have trap door-style basements for storage.
Pierpont Lofts
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Pricing:$125,000 - $225,000
HOA Fee: $115 - $180/month (depending on the unit)
HOA Covers: Water, Sewer Trash; Common Area Expenses including, snow removal, parking, gate and landscape maintenance, fire prevention maintenance, exterior insurance
Size: 373 - 1112 square feet
Year Built: 2001
Animals Permitted? Under 20 lbs allowed
Parking: Some units come with a parking space in an uncovered, secure lot
FHA Approved: No
Number of Units: 49
Laundry: Hookups in unit

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Let’s talk about the good and the bad for the Pierpont Lofts in downtown Salt Lake City.

The Good:
The Pierpont lofts definitely have the coolness factor going for them. Also, having laundry in the unit is a big plus. Being built in 2001, they are noticeably nicer and newer than most of the other loft communities in the area. I also love that there are so many different floor plans. Most communities will have only 2 or 3 different plans and so your condo ends up being identical to ⅓ of the others. The location is also pretty good. It is close to Pioneer Park, which is the homeless capital of Utah, but it is also close to all of the downtown attractions. There are plenty of restaurants within close walking distance as well as both downtown malls. I also really like the covered courtyard.
Pierpont Lofts front door
The Bad:
Parking. That is the worst thing about the Pierpont Lofts. Some units have a reserved spot in the secured lot (hey that rhymes), but many don’t. Parking is pretty important to me. If I had to choose between living in a place where I had to park on the street in the 2 hour parking zones or get shot in the face, I would need some time to think about it. That’s how much I dislike parking on the street. The parking police are extremely productive and thorough in the downtown area, too. If you are parked more than 2 hours, they will find you. Oh yes, they will find you. And they will make you pay ($10, to be exact, but it becomes $40 if you don’t pay it quickly). Anyway, that is my only real gripe about the Pierpont Lofts. Oh, and the homeless hangout down the street. Don’t love that either.
Pierpont Lofts Interior









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Feel free to call, text, or email me if you have any questions or you want to take a look at the Pierpont Lofts in downtown Salt Lake City.

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Another great post , really enjoyed this one today.  Can't wait for the next one!  Liz Harris

Aug 11, 2014 01:59 PM

Hi Conner...we just want to correct some incorrect information you are stating about the units without a private parking spot having to move their car every 2 hours. Salt Lake Parking Enforcement has a list of units at Pierpont who do not have a reserved parking space in the private lot. Those unit owners are entitled to purchase a parking permit (sticker for the windshield) that exempts the car from the 2 hour limit. The permit costs something like $35 a year. Yes you still park on the street, but if you have the permit you are exempt from the 2 hour restriction. You also get a guest pass for a guest to park their car longer than two hours. To get the sticker you have to show paperwork at the Parking Enforcement office to prove your residency at the loft they request a purchase contract or rental agreement or utility bill with your name on it.

Feb 14, 2015 01:25 AM
Joshua Peel

I'd love to live in one of these but don't love the pet policy. My pup is too big. Such a bummer.

Feb 15, 2015 07:06 AM
Michael Weeden

FHA approved condos are easier to sell because buyers can put down a lot less money. For an updated list of FHA approved condos in Salt Lake City, see http://homebuyerwise.com/FHA-Approved-Condos/city/Salt-Lake-City-UT_26883

Mar 01, 2015 01:47 AM