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Good schools for the kids around Education Hill and Microsoft

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Good info for professionals to have and hold!  I've actually had a buyers agent specifically ask about and subsequently call the principal of a particular school.  And that closed the deal. 

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16109 NE 99th St Redmond Education Hill

The good schools for the kids around the Microsoft Campus have, for whatever reasons we may speculate on, more resources available for their students than many similar good schools of greatly dissimilar geographies.  Seemingly in conjunction with that premise developments have arisen in proximity to several prolific employers.  In close proximity to the better schools as well.  That will likely encourage employees and other professionals to consider bringing their families to the area more readily.  Having listings in that area prompted selecting this particular geography.


Good schools for the kids, great shopping for staples for whoever stays at home and superior internet connectivity are frequently among home shoppers’ list of questions about local and hyper-local neighborhoods.  But are Real Estate Professionals listening? Keeping these queries among their TTD’s for preparation?  Are schools in your articles of research?

 3 bedroom home for sale Education Hill Redmond


We had a listing some time ago on 119th in the Education Hill neighborhood of Redmond.   Due East of the Sammamish Valley.  Renown for have good schools for the kids.  I’d done our homework and, after talking with the principal of the school, determined that who ever moved in would be able to enroll their children in that school.   Good schools for the kids are that important.


It was apparently significant enough that the top buyer made verification of their kids’ eligibility a condition of sale!  Which would lead us to acknowledge the importance of good schools for the kids of many of our current cadre of home buyers.


As a Buyer’s Agent it would be part of our query responsibility to determine our client’s valuation of school proximity.  And that they know there are good schools for the kids. As the Listing Agent it’s absolutely paramount our information on available schools be spot-on and, if you’re so inclined, get a certificate of authenticity to back it up.  


Great place to start the school search is Google, using their “Maps” option.  Simply insert the subject location address in the search bar, click “enter”, and observe the map that appears.  Within the left-side menu bar is the “search nearby” option and you enter “Schools”.  Viola!  The map becomes populated with the nearby schools for your perusal. Each map point will direct you the the appurtenant school for additional homework.  And you have, with a few keystrokes, performed above and beyond for your clients!

3 bedroom home for sale Education Hill Redmond

3 bedroom home for sale Education Hill Redmond

3 bedroom home for sale Education Hill Redmond3 bedroom home for sale Education Hill Redmond