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What are agents making over $100,000 a year spending their resources on?  Surprise, it's email marketing!*

It's the perfect time to put new systems in place.  Have you made email marketing a priority?  If not, it might be time to give it some consideration.

So how do you get started?  Here are some tips:

1. Define Your Audience and Purpose


Are you looking to communicate with past clients, friends, and acquaintances so that you can get more referrals?   Are you looking to improve the relationships that you are trying to build through networking?  Do you want to better communicate with leads you get from sign calls, open houses, or your website?  Are you trying to become the king of local in your area?


The first wrong turn many make when starting a new email marketing campaign is failing to really understand their audience.  Sending a market report to your buddy from the Y is more likely to make him feel like a mark than a friend.  That is, of course, unless he asked you for it.


Audiences can be classified into two groups: Friends and Leads.  Don’t get caught up on the terminology just yet.  First, let me explain.


Friends are people who know you and with whom you’ve had some personal contact. You know “Friends” to varying degrees.  They can be anyone from your mother to someone you met last night for the first time at a cocktail party.  The two qualifications for people in your “Friends” category are that you have a real desire to have further interaction with them and they have to know who you are and why you are contacting them.


Leads are people who you know who are actively looking to engage in a business relationship with you.  If your mother has decided to look for a new home, she can be classified as a lead.  The email marketing campaigns you plan for your Leads Group need to be much more targeted than those you plan for friends.  This group generally requires some sub-grouping in order to deliver them truly meaningful content.


*Note: Many people in your database will fall into both categories.  After a few interactions, leads will quickly become friends.  Friends will also turn into leads when a need arises for them.  The important thing is to not to alienate people in your contact sphere by not respecting the kind of relationship you have with them. 


The Right Message


The right message is a different message for each of these groups.  Sending just listed fliers once a week to your “Friends” will quickly irritate them.  Neglecting to stay in close contact with your “Leads” will translate into missed opportunities.

What to say to Leads!


Give them what they need.  If they need market data, make sure you are the source for that.   If they are looking for listings – provide them appropriately.  They may need tips on home ownership, a field guide to their new city, or help finding great places to eat, shop, and integrate in their new neighborhood.  Providing meaningful content to leads should be easy once you have taken the time to understand who they are and what their needs are.


What to say to Friends!


While you don’t want to treat your “Friends” like leads, sending regular communications will help you deepen the relationship you have with them and keep you on top of their mind so that when they have an opportunity to refer business to you they remember and act.  Sending quick notes, holiday greetings, remarking on funny things in the news, and reporting to them on important events in your life are all appropriate communications.




There are plenty of tools to pick from.  Happy Grasshopper is one of the easiest for staying in touch with your friends - Check out this blog by Karen Salmon about how easy it was to incorporate email marketing into her business.  Like her - you'll be shocked on the immediate results it will bring.




Read Karen's Blog here >>




 *Per Chris Smith's presentation at Inman Connect NYC, viewable here.  (Jump to 8:04 for quote)


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