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This just may be the perfect time sell and opportunity to cash in on the real estate market.

Buyers are sitting on the fence just waiting to buy your home. That should have sellers excited to know the market just turned into a sellers market. It’s safe to say most buyers are willing to pay over list price and some are willing to even pay the difference if the price of the home doesn’t appraise. No appraisal contingencies are on a rise for now. That’s right. I just sold a home in Roseville, Ca that did not appraise and the buyer’s paid $18,000 over the appraised value just to get the house of their dreams. 

Here are three things you can do now to transition to selling your home for top dollar.


Contact a Realtor that specializes in your area to provide current market value on your home. It cost nothing to have a Realtor help you learn your homes true value. Talk to a few Realtors and compare for yourself what each one is telling you. Check out your local competition and compare what your home offers that the other homes in the area do not. Educating yourself on the current market value of homes around your home will only help you in the long run. 


Ask your Realtor, if they have a home stager they recommend and ask their professional opinion on what things you should change or remove to help make your home more desirable. Realtors see a lot of properties and really know what sells and what kills the sell. Decluttering your home will be a key factor to selling your home for top dollar. Buyers want to come inside and visualize their belongings, and not get side tracked looking at your collections and counting how many deer heads you have on the wall. Clean and fresh is the best smell when a potential buyer walks into your home, so do yourself a big favor and make your first impression your best impression. 


All Realtors come ready and eager to sell. But, remember you are interviewing them for a job. Ask what they are going to do to sell your home for top dollar, get a detailed list of duties they are going to complete such as Open Houses, Sign, flyer’s and what web-sites your home will be marketed on. It’s important to make sure your home receives the maximum exposure over the shortest period of time to draw in as many buyers possible. Open houses are good way to draw in a larger group of potential buyers in just a few hours, if it’s advertised online. All these tips combined should help bring in multiple offers at hopefully over your asking price.