Did you know that you can get FREE representation?

Managing Real Estate Broker with Triple Seven Realty

As a real estate buyer you can be represented by a licensed professional to negotiate and represent your best interest in your transaction and your agent can be compensated by the seller at NO CHARGE to you ( IN NEVADA AND SOME OTHER STATES CHECK WITH YOUR STATE).

WHY WOULD ANYONE TRY TO "GO-IT-ALONE" and go directly to the SELLER who is the opposing side of the transaction? Think of it this way. The seller is out to get the highest price and pay the least amount of your closing costs; he is not going to try to bargain against his own best interest. That is why a BUYER'S AGENT can represent YOUR best interests in the transaction and negotiate in your best interest (GETTING THE BEST PRICE, OR GETTING MOST OF YOUR CLOSING COSTS PAID BY THE SELLER, OR A LITTLE OF BOTH), and the law allows for your agents commission be paid by the seller. I ask again. WHY WOULD ANYONE TRY TO "GO-IT-ALONE"?

So when you are ready to buy a home or any other real estate, make sure your best interests are protected through getting the appropriate representation by getting a BUYER'S AGENT on your side before starting the home buying process.

I have extensive experience negotiating on the behalf of Buyers in the real estate transaction and my commission has always been compensated by the Sellers.

IT'S A BUYER'S MARKET RIGHT NOW! If you are thinking of buying a home, now is the ideal time to buy! I can structure your transaction so you can use very little of your own money for closing costs. Call me with your questions or if you are ready to get started. I will be happy to assist you in your purchase.

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