Acton Homeowners' Long-Term Thinking Pays Off

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Long Planning Sets Homeowners Ahead of the Pack


“Longevity planning” is not something most youthful or middle-aged Acton residents spend a lot of time thinking about. “Getting old?” Who wants to dwell on that?

Joseph Coughlin, the director of the AgeLab at MIT, pushes for changing that attitude when it comes to home sale decisions. He points out that a 65-year-old woman today can plan to live past 85 -- far longer than her parents did. If her budget plans match theirs, the result will be a serious shortfall in later years. 

It may be more doable than you’d think. The Brooking Institution recently reported that a home sale in a good school district, such as Acton, totals (on average) 2.4 times more than one in a less child-focused district. Once schooling is no longer at issue, being willing to forego the premier school system could free up a considerable amount of extra cash. Add to that the reality that a smaller house means smaller taxes, utilities, and upkeep bills, and the resulting quality-of-life improvement might be a true game changer!

When it comes to the decision about when or whether to undertake an Acton MA home sale, letting longevity-consciousness influence your choice should put you ahead of most people. Coughlin says, “No one wants to buy products or services for old people. If I design an ‘old man’s car,’ I can guarantee two things: A young man will never buy it -- and neither will an older man!”  For the same reason, except for retirement communities, most builders don’t design “old people homes.” 

That’s why homeowners intending to retire here in Acton should plan -- both aesthetically and practically -- for the wider doorways, ground floor bedrooms, bathrooms, and accessible kitchens they may welcome later on. If such changes would be cost-prohibitive in a current home, longevity planners should look for available Acton properties where that’s not true.

Forward thinking about your ultimate housing solution is central to a successful and stress-free retirement.  I can help ascertain more about current Acton home sales and other information to help you do some of your own longevity-conscious retirement planning. 

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