Do you know where to recycle those rechargeable batteries?

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Luckily, I do!

By being a part of Keep Glenn Heights Beautiful, I am up to date on recycling locations for just about anything.

I came across Call2Recycle and they are an organization that provides locations for recycling rechargeable batteries and more.

I briefly went to their website and found the statistics for the US and Canada.

Per their website, USA has recycled 47% and Canada recycled 55% of rechargeable batteries and cellphones.

Please visit their website at to read up on their recycling efforts.

There is alot of beneficial information on there.

I did a search for locations in my area and I have many locations to choose from.  Thanks to Home Depot, Lowe's to name a few.


Let's do our part to keep mother Earth alive and healthy for many centuries to come.


Angelia Garcia



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