Three Blogging Tips for Real Estate Professionals

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Blogging is a powerful tool for real estate professionals. In addition to providing interesting and informative news for the blog’s readers, it helps them rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs) for the keywords they target. Having a blog is not enough to reap benefits from it, however; only people who blog properly benefit from doing so.

Follow the blogging tips listed below to become a savvy, effective blogger.Real Estate Blogging - helping agents and other real estate professionals be successful


Write Interesting Content

Don’t use your blog as a way to brag about your accomplishments. Readers want interesting, informative, and varied content – not a long list of reasons why you’re an awesome real estate agent.

Write about topics you have expertise in. These can include insights on your local real estate market, suggestions on activities people can do in your community, and tips on how to be a high-producing real estate agent.

Click here to find tips on how to come up with interesting content ideas.

Blog Formatting Guidelines

Both people and search engine “bots” assign value to well-formatted blog posts. A post that is a giant chunk of text will be difficult for people to read and will be marked down by search engines.

Use these basic kinds of formatting in your posts in order to get the most value out of them:

  • Use paragraphs as much as possible. Huge chunks of text are hard to read. If your blog posts consist of one large paragraph, you’re doing it wrong. Break up large paragraphs into as many smaller paragraphs as you can (within reason, of course).
  • Keep headlines concise. Headlines should be no longer than 60 characters. This is because people don’t like reading long headlines and many search engines only read its first 60 characters.
  • Use images as much as possible.  Pictures are arguably the most interesting thing on the internet; any blog post without them is bound to be boring, regardless of how captivating the text of the post might be. Images are also highly sharable on social media; fascinating photos you take of your properties or community are more likely to be a hit on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest than any blog post ever will.

Post Consistently

Having a blog is not enough. It is necessary to write and publish new blog posts at a minimum interval of once a week, and you should post three or more times every week if you hope to blog most effectively. Search engines like Google bump sites which continually post fresh content, and having content on a variety of topics will help you rank in the keywords those posts target.

Lack the time to blog? Use content writing services like Textbroker to generate content on topics of your choice in an inexpensive and time-efficient manner. Unable to think of enough topics to blog about? Reflect on what makes your local real estate market unique or interesting, and blog about those.

To learn more about how to blog professionally, real estate agents can read this post on's Advice section.

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Randy Bocook
Keller Williams Coastal Area Partners - Richmond Hill, GA
Selling Coastal Georgia

Great tips! I always try to keep things like that in mind when doing a blog. Great article. Have a wonderful 2013

Feb 19, 2013 01:52 AM
Andy Fulton
Market Leader - Bellevue, WA

Thanks, Randy! Glad you enjoyed it.

Feb 19, 2013 05:05 AM