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Amendment 1 passed but will we see savings?

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I am wandering if anyone else feels that since the governments are going to have to redo their budgets, the fire departments, police officers, etc will band together to try increase the millage rate?  We just passed Amendment 1 which will make our SOH portable, keeps the 3% rise on homestead assessed property values, and will double our homestead exemption.  For example lets say your home is worth $200,000.00.  According to the lee county property appraiser office estimated taxes will be 3121.00 for non-homesteaded property.  Lets say the market goes up next year and your property now is assessed at 206,000.00.  you will now pay 3215.00 a savings of 94.00.  this estimate was found using the current millage rate of 17.3401.  Now lets see what would happen if the millage rate goes up to 18.3401. on 206000.00 you would pay 3778.06 this would mean we would pay 563.06 more than what we would have had to begin with. 

My question for you would be "Do you think they will try to raise the millage rate?