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“Naturally, with a little help”…deer

Over the Christmas break I had an opportunity to watch, again, the movie titled Funny Farm which was released in the late 1990’s. If the storyline has too many cobwebs now, you’ll likely remember the scene where the Sellers had penned up a deer – which was to be released at the perfect moment on a Buyers’ appointment. 

Cueing the deer – so that it bounded across the snowy field in graceful leaps was a perfect touch. And funnily, though I’ve never actually set up any scenario, a couple of times in my career a perfect coincidence added to buyers’ appeal. 

Every REALTOR® knows the importance of curb appeal to show a listing at its best. Neatly mown lawns, gardens and trailing window boxes, etc.. Every season of the year can lend itself naturally to setting the stage.. One of the most delightful surprises when I was showing a home was sweet birdsong which seemed impromptu as we stood in the living room.  We discovered that there was a motion-sensor in a small birdcage which housed a diminutive and very realistic looking replica of a bird. As we passed by it would burst into full voice – and what a lovely touch! 

Not only can we avail ourselves of Sellers’ assistance in baking bread, setting the fire or subtle staging for atmosphere; we should also look carefully at any other eye-catchers which should be included. 

Penning up a deer is not recommended, nor is it lawful – but if we look at our listings through the eyes of a Buyer who are seeing it for the first time there are a lot of little tweaks that lend themselves to the overall scenario, naturally…but with a little help!

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