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I mentioned to a friend today that it always bothered me why some salespeople (inexperienced rookies, usually) insist on "shooting from the hips". They go to their sales presentation with nothing but "a prayer in their hearts". It also surprises me that they seem to expect some kind of success. Wouldn't it be less stressful to take a few minutes prior to our encounter with a client and mentally review what to say, what to do, check the names, and any other information we may need?

Many years ago I heard of an experiment, which called my attention and gave me a sense of value towards mental practice. Two basketball teams were formed (high school age kids), in preparation for a 3-point competition. One had no training whatsoever prior to the tournament. The other one was trained in a very unconventional way: they practice shooting from the 3-point range, but with no ball. By mimicking the hand movements, they were expected to mentally visualize the shot and act it out as if it was a real situation. After the competition, not only the practicing team won, but also every player in the group increased their scoring averages.

Nobody discusses the value of stage role playing, but it is not always feasible. Since I heard of the experiment I've just mentioned, mental practice has become one of my goals. Before meeting a client I review the possible objections, the dialogues that may be used, and any comments that may take me by surprise.

This mental rehearsal can be done during a meal, while driving to the appointment, or any other time prior to that encounter. It eases my tension, helps me to focus, and surely diminishes the chances of hearing an objection that I was not prepared for.