Freezing Weather-What you need to know

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This is certainly on everyone's mind in my community today as we watch the snow fall.

Winter weather can cause a number of problems ranging from water leaks to burst pipes and roof collapses. All homes and businesses potentially can be at risk from damage during prolonged periods of freezing temperatures or in the case of heavy snow accumulations. Falling temperatures also mean increased fire dangers linked to the use of heating devices. Rising fuel costs and environmental concerns have resulted in a rise in the use of alternative heating devices, which can pose increased property risks if not properly installed and maintained. Answer the questions below to reduce your risk of property damage due to severe winter weather.

Self Assessment:

1. If you use an alternate heating source, such as a pellet or wood burning stove, is it properly installed and separated from flammable surfaces?

2. Does your roof tend to build up ice dams at the eaves?

3. Do you know how to estimate when snow loads on your roof are reaching dangerous levels and what can be done to prevent roof collapse?

4. Do you know how to prevent frozen pipes?

5. Do you know how to prevent water from leaking into your house from snow accumulation

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