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Pets and home buyers......facts

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My seller can't believe that the buyers looking at his home won't make an offer because of the "cat odor".  Here are a few facts I managed to dig up that I hope will convince him that somting has to be done about the "cat odor".

  • 40% of home buyers do not own a pet
  • 58% of home buyers do not own a dog
  • 60% of home buyers do own a cat

Please remember that not everyone loves pets!

As you probbly can tell from the pictures I am not a big cat lover. Sorry but my ex had one. Memories.

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John Dotson
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Ron, I'm with you, not a cat fan.

I have never been able to sell a house that has had "cat pee odor"  It is one of the most disgusting things I can encounter when showing or previewing a house.

Most pet lovers don't realize that their pets are liability in selling a home at any time - even if the buyers have one!

Jan 29, 2013 04:26 AM