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How to Generate Real Estate Leads off Facebook in Fifteen Minutes

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Facebook LogoWhile everyone seems to be using Facebook and social media, few have really figured out how to actually generate website traffic and convert leads off of Facebook.  In this post and brief video tutorial, I will go over several different ways to generate leads and listings through Facebook alone with just a few minutes of your time.  As an agent who as generated over 70,000 real estate leads online in the last few years alone, trust me when I say that this works well.

  1. Get some friends.  This is simple and easy to do, and is a necessary step that most already have in place. Just like building a sphere of influence as a new Real Estate agent, your group ofGenerate Real Estate Leads friends on Facebook functions essentially as your sphere of social influence!
  2. Start a fan page.  Not just any fan page, but a search engine friendly fan page! First, inline with the tutorial video below, go to your home page on Facebook and click at the top of the "pages" tab on the left.  Next, click "create a page".  The next step is the most important step in the process from an SEO standpoint - Choosing a page title.  Now, do NOT put your name and brokerage company FIRST.  That will do you absolutely no good when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.  Choose an actual keyword phrase as the title to your Facebook Business Page or Fan Page that somebody is likely to type into the search engines, followed then by your name and or brokerage company.  Titling your page with something like "Jacksonville Short Sale Specialist Mark Smith", or "Tampa Florida Realtor Sharon Johnson" will have a dramatic effect on search engine optimization.  We will go more info that later in the article. 
  3. After you create your page, post a few things on there.  Links to your real estate website, comments, links to articles, videos on Youtube, anything.  Notice that anytime you post something, that great keyword phrase that is the title to your page shows up each and every time.  Search engines LOVE this!  Post a couple different calls to action on there.  Comments like "There are many different government programs out there to help home owners in financial hardship, many are even offering cash back incentives to home owners who take action to avoid foreclosure.  Go here to qualify:", or "Interested in possibly buying a home? Go here to search for properties in the area".  While not all content should be centered around having a call to action, we suggest around one out of three posts should.  Keep posting on your page something every few days to get it established on the search engines.
  4. After adding some links, description, and a couple comments to your page, the next step to give it more Google juice is to get some fans / likes on it.  On the top right tabs on your page you will see that you have a "build an audience" tab.  This is your chance to not only invite ALL of your Facebook friends to like your new page, but also ALL of your email contacts as well to your page.  I can't stress the word "ALL" enough here.  Any and every email contact should at least get an invite to like your page, as the more the merrier.
  5. Next, you need to join as many groups as possible.  Join groups that are relevant to areas that you want to target.  Join local community groups and organization, join sports groups or local fan clubs.  ANY group that can give you exposure to many people in your local market is beneficial to you.  Make sure you join groups that actually have many different members or fans and are actually active in order to get the most exposure and SEO.  Once you to that, the next step is to SHARE in those groups.  
  6. Utilize "share" buttons to share in your most active groups as directed in the video.  Many websites have share buttons that allow you to share in ALL of your groups at the same time.  These are ideal, as taking the time to share in each one individually can be too time consuming.  You can use the share buttons to share pages on your website, or recent blog articles of yours.

Facebook Real Estate Lead GenerationIn a short period of time, what you will notice is that your Facebook Page will typically get to the top of the search engines for what ever keyword phrase you titled it.  Having spots on the search engine for popular local search phrases is critical to getting more business.  This will result in more traffic to your Facebook Page, more traffic to your website, and of course, more real estate leads.  Though it may only be one lead here or there, for the amount of time spent doing these things, it is certainly worth the effort.  Generating real estate leads off of Facebook isn't Rocket Science, but without a strategic plan of action that utilizes proven Search Engine Optimization tactics, you will wind up banging your head against the wall in a futile effort.  After just a few minutes of work, I'm sure you'll find that doing real estate lead generation on Facebook efficiently, while utilizing SEO tactics successfully, is truly the key to a successful outcome.

Watch This Facebook Real Estate Lead Generation Tutorial

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It is a good post and hopefully we will see an increase in business with the help you share.

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