No whining!!

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We’ve got the best trainer, Cameron Brown, of Evolution in Layton, Utah.  He’s knowledgeable and funny.  And he motivates us to do our best.  It’s exciting to see our progress and meet our goals.



We met Cameron after being referred to him by our escrow officer, Carol Yamamoto, and our seller, Ariel Schaefer.  They both use Cameron and swear by him and the results they’ve gotten. 


The funny thing is, I use the elliptical instead of the treadmill because of my feet.  It’s a little easier on the plantar fasciitis.  There are three treadmills and one elliptical.  Each machine has a television and is connected to Netflix.  As the remotes for Netflix would die, I would replace the batteries.  Once all the batteries had been replaced, I let Cameron know the remote batteries would be good for a while.  He tried to reimbursement me, and I felt that it was my pleasure to help keep the gym in good working order so I declined. 


Here’s the funny thing; the next week Cameron bought another treadmill and moved the elliptical away from the televisions!  If you’ve ever used an exercise machine, you know that occupying the brain is an integral part of being able to complete the workout.  Oh, what to do?!  I was disappointed, but I’m a firm believer in not being a whiner.  I kept my disappointment to myself.  Soon enough I was rewarded by Cameron asking me to sell his house!  Oh, happy day!!


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