ASK ALICIA: Can I embed a Pinterest 'pin' onto my blog?


Dear Alicia,

I'm really enjoying Pinterest, and see that many familiar home staging faces have begun posting their work, and creative ideas on the site.   Pinterest does seem to offer quite a bit of Search Engine Optimization, and I'm wondering if it's advantageous to link my Pinterest account to my blogs, and website?

Signed: Penelope Pinteresting


Dear Penelope:

YES, YES, YES....... linking your Pinterest board and boards to your blogs is sooooooo easy, and a great way to bump up your blogs and website in Google!  Our friends at Houston Home Staging have just created a new website, and you can't click an inch without somehow finding an invitation to their ever-expanding Pinterest projects.

Houston Home Staging is now bumping up their Pinterest presentation with the videos of each project.   They've dedicated their site to contain mostly portfolio work, but you'll see a few boards that link their Pinterest guests to service providers, or other amusements. 

Here's a recent project from Houston Home Staging.......




We just noticed that each pin, has an embed code.   So, we wondered how that would look in our blog.

Here is an example of a 'Pin' that we embedded into this blog. Please note that it also provides us with links to our Pinterest boards. In its original form, the link provided multiple links, and we edited it down to the link that we wanted our clients, and guests to see!


Source: Houston Home Staging  on  Pinterest


Penelope, it's a whole new online world for stagers and other real estate professionals.   We look forward to the comments, contributions, and experiences of our other readers who are working on Pinterest!


Warmest regards:  Alicia Barrington

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