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Invest in Baltimore’s Medfield Neighborhood. While searching for homes in Baltimore City my clients tend to focus on a select group of neighborhoods. In the northwest part of the city this means Hampden and Mt. Washington. Sandwiched between these two neighborhoods is the sometimes-overlooked neighborhood of Medfield in the 21211 zip code.


Medfield Community Sign Baltimore MD


Development of the Medfield neighborhood primarily occurred in the 1920's, both single family homes with large yards and classic Baltimore rowhouses. As a child I referred to the single family homes in Medfield as "Hampden Mansions" compared to the surrounding rowhouses they looked enormous - turns out they still do.


4420 Grand View Ave Baltimore MD 21211


This property at 4420 Grand View Ave in Medfield was recently put under contract by one of my clients. It's situated on a double lot and provides off street parking in a shared driveway and private garage. The family selling the property has owned the home for decades.


Backyard on Grand View Ave 21211


Just look at the amazing back yard (and side yard), my buyers dog is gonna love it.


Houses in Medfield Baltimore MD 21211


Medfield is a tight knit community in Baltimore City. The majority of houses display a pride of ownership that is evident even from the curb. These houses are on Buchanan Ave in the heart of Medfield.


White picket fence in Baltimore City


Is that is white picket fence in the middle of Baltimore City? Why yes it is! This home is located on Grand View Ave in Medfield. So if Medfield is so great then why is it often overlooked?


Grouchy old lady sign Baltimore MD


I think this sign says it all. Medfield residents are old school, many have lived here for generations. If you get to see the interior of one of these homes very often you may encounter.....


                               Wood paneling and pink carpeting


wood paneling and miles of wall-to-wall carpeting. Throwback interiors do dominate many of Medfield's houses. The good news? There are beautiful hardwood floors in mint condition to be found under all that carpet. Admittedly when my clients first see these interiors they can't envision the potential, it just looks like a lot of work.

The upside is that these interiors help keep home prices modest.


Army green house in Baltimore's Medfield neighborhood


In the last year, single family homes that have sold in Baltimore's Medfield neighborhood are fetching an average price of $180,000. You read that right, invest in Baltimore's Medfield neighborhood because you can get a great single family home with a large yard in a primo location for less than $200,000!


                               Magnolia tree in Baltimore's Medfield neighborhood


Walking through the Medfield neighborhood you'll appreciate the large number of mature trees such as this lovely Magnolia which will be sporting white fragrant blossoms during the Summer. In fact the gardens in Medfield are truly standout. I was delighted to find some Mennonite residents growing a field of flowers and vegetables in their backyard last Fall.


Backyard on Grand View Ave 21211


In Medfield you can appreciate the charm of Baltimore's rowhouses from your own spacious backyard. It's a little piece of heaven in Baltimore City. Medfield is minutes from the Jones Falls Expressway which will take you downtown in a flash.


                               Medfield street view in Baltimore 21211


Would you guess this is a street in Baltimore City? Almost looks like an Edward Hopper painting. Baltimore's Medfield neighborhood allows you access to all the exciting Hampden amenities while having plenty of options to park your car.


                               Medfield Baltimore front porch


We'll end our tour on this lovely Medfield front porch. If you are looking to buy your first home in Baltimore City and you want a home that is a smart choice you've got to consider Medfield. When I take my clients here, I tend to refer to it as a "wild card" meaning that it may be something they'll love even though it's not what they originally had in mind. Now is the time to invest in Baltimore's Medfield neighborhood.


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