New Loan Officer In Plymouth, Mass.

Mortgage and Lending with Black Rose Fishing Charters and CastNCrew Fishing Show

Am I going to laugh every day?  Probably not.  Making the switch back to finance was an easy one.  I love the mortgage industry.  I missed the "good old days".  I missed the easy underwriting.  The rules now is all that I know.  It's not as stringent as the rules that I abided by as a financial advisor.  It's all that I know. Spending ten years as a financial advisor, I helped people plan their entire financial lives.  I had hundreds of products to understand.  With mortgages, I am dealing with one very important part of their financial lives.  It's a very satisfying job and I take it very seriously.

Why do I talk about laughing every day? Well, for nine years my job was to take people fishing.  It was incredible.  We saw whales on almost every trip.  Some came so close to us that they were able to reach up out of the water and touch us.  I'll never forget it and I have no regrets.  Here is a whale reaching out to touch us!  

We often had kids on board...the only thing more rewarding than taking kids out fishing is being able to take your own son fishing...   Being able to work AND take your son fishing is incredible!  The excitement is contagiousl    

And to see that life is never boring...I was tops in New England in the "fishing for tuna on spinning gear" revolution....My heart is still racing.

Capt. Rich!


If you watched these videos, you'll get a glimpse of WHO I am and what I am about.  I bring this dedication and commitment to the mortgage industry.

If you have any questions...I'm happy to talk shop; talk life, or talk fun things.  As anyone in the real estate market knows, we can do a mortgage analysis in no time and it's pretty painless.   My attitude has always been to keep a good attitude, have fun, and bring people up with you.

For people in the Plymouth Area, I am starting a BNI group and am looking for new members.

My phone number is 508-269-1882 and my email address is ....Or visit me online..

See us at our office at 26 Howland Street, just off of the waterfront behind Isaacs.  

See you around! 

Sincerely, Rich Antonino

Rich Antonino 
Loan Officer
NMLS ID 984202

26 Howland Street
Plymouth, Ma 02360
Office:  508-746-7733
Cell/Text: 508-269-1882
Fax: 774-283-9919

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