How To Host A Yard Sale

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Yard Sale Sign

When you decide to host your own yard sale a lot of people get an instant headache. Here are some tips to help alleviate the stress.

First, go through your house and try to find different items to sell. You can also search through a shed, attic or garage if you have one. While searching for things keep in mind that broken items usually won’t do so well in a yard sale. They’re usually meant for the garbage. Try to put things that are in good condition in your yard sale or if it needs a little cleaning, do that before you put it in the sale to get a better price for your item. If you are trying to sell clothes, you may be disappointed. If you put out amazing clothes in good condition and want close to what you paid for, your customer’s are just going to laugh at you. Remember it’s a yard sale, if you want more money for clothes you may want to take them to a consignment store. When it comes to household items you can use the “2-year rule” ~ if you haven’t used it in two years, go ahead and sell it, unless you’re going for the “hoarder” look.

When it comes to setting up make sure you put out plenty of signs, in and around your property, at the end of the streets, entrances and exits to anywhere in the neighborhood and if you have a gas station nearby go ahead and ask if you can leave a flyer on the counter. Also advertise on,facebook and for free or you can even put an ad in the paper if you want to pay for it. Get plenty of tables and display items on top of them. You can set up tables in the garage with your similar items displayed the day before and just have someone help you move it out in the morning.

Start time? Early! As you get everything out and set up you’ll always have those early birds that are going to want to come get the first peek at what you have. Let them, but don’t undersell your prices yet. If they lowball you too much tell them to come back when you plan to shut down and if it hasn’t sold you’ll do it. During the sale remember that you’re trying to get rid of items, not make money. (That’ll actually help you make money.) If you aren’t sure how to price something just leave the price off and when asked say “Make an offer.” Sometimes people will offer more than you think. You can also say, “That purse is $12 but you can have it for $9 if you buy a pair of shoes for a dollar.” Then you’re getting rid of items and making money. Don’t be afraid to barter either. If it’s mid-summer, make sure you offer bottles of water or otter pops/popsicles. I usually give them away but you can have the kids sell them also to give them something to do.

Close down before sundown, around late afternoon or early evening. You’ll probably have a few people stop by and try to take one last look, Let them!  In the last hour or so, drop your prices. You can start a “Free Table” of all the things you don’t want to put away at the end of your driveway while you put things away, or get them ready to donate, or leave it unattended, some people won’t come and look until no one is around. Throughout the sale/setup and clean up just remember to have fun and make sure to order pizza with the proceeds when you are all finished. 

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