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What's This??? A Coffee Pot in a Fine Tea Shop!

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I made a stop at my favorite tea shop in Raleigh, NC when I was there for business last week.  I'm usually in Raleigh every six to eight weeks so I stopped in to pick up a new tea and a new teapot.  I cracked my old one when I tapped the spout against the sink.  O well, it has lasted several years; I'm surprised it hasn't broken before now.  I wanted to buy a new tea called Jungle Fire which had been mentioned in a newsletter.  The tea has cinnamon, cloves, oil of cinnamon, and some citrus...very spicy.  I need to jump start my metabolism and Dr. Oz had mentioned on one of his segments that cinnamon was good to give you that little extra boost. 

I was wandering around the shop looking for a teapot while the tea consultant was packaging my teas.  I spotted this cute little pot and picked it up.  The tag said coffee pot.  What is this doing here?  Summer explained that it was an accident but because the shop buys alot of their merchandise from this vendor and it sells so well that they would just keep them.  I really liked that pot but I put it back onto the shelf and finally picked one of Tin Roof Teas new Swedish design glass teapots (a different blog).  I checked out and walked out to the car but I kept thinking about that coffee pot.  Put my bags in the car and marched back to the store.

How did I justify it?  My spouse cannot drink coffee, not even decaf.  After a couple of emergency room visits, the family talked him into the alternative...tea.  We started him with black tea...O'Sullivans on the advice of the owner of Tin Roof Teas.  He does the wellness classes around the Raleigh area.  He explained that black tea would not give him the hard spike and fall of coffee...my husband would get the caffeine as a gentle rise and fall.  Gradually, I moved him to green tea and he drinks a pot of green tea everyday...which brings me to the coffee pot.  I put away my big coffee brewer so he wouldn't be tempted but I still want coffee occasionally so I bought a Keurig but I was not happy with that even after I bought my own filter & used my own coffee.  I bought a French press that Martha Stewart recommended and the first cup was good but the second was always bitter and muddy from the grounds trapped below the press.  I thought this pot would be perfect because you lift the basket completely out of the pot so the second cup would not be bitter.  Two full mugs of coffee and I rinse the pot and filter out and store it in my cabinet.  He's never tempted because he doesn't see it.  I love it!!  They come in different colors

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Sounds like you truly got a great find!

Feb 02, 2013 11:47 AM
Potranco Realty
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Linda, your tea story is very interesting, first of all I love Dr OZ and he has great advice and I didn't know that about cinnamon. This tea shop should make you their Ambassador you know your teas.
Feb 02, 2013 08:10 PM
Linda Hinson
S & L Properties - Calabash, NC

Michelle, I discovered this shop four years ago.  You can spend hours there....275-300 loose leaf teas and herbs from all over the world, 10-15 single source, pure honey, tea accessories, and local artisan chocolates.  I admit I know alot about them because I added them as clients this year.  I do four trades show a year and I represent them. The owners are fanatical about their products that they are tested for pesticides and residuals, that their accessories are lead free and BPA free, and most of their chocolates and honeys are local. One of the owners visits each facilitiy to inspect production.  Ususually, you don't find that dedication in a small company.

I discovered them when I was looking for a tea set that was safe for the little girls in the family to eat and drink out of them.  It is a fun shop.

Feb 03, 2013 12:49 AM
Linda Hinson
S & L Properties - Calabash, NC

Bob, I did the Southern 12 Days of Christmas this past December so the staff taught me alot.  One owner does wellness classes and tea tastings in Raleigh.  The tea consultants said they love Dr. Oz because everytime he mentions a tea or herb, customers come in the next day with their list.  For the show, rather than bringing large bags of his recommended teas for wellnes, weightloss, and green tea, they made sampler sets.  I sold out by the end of the first week; especially, the wellness one disappeared 1st because it was paired with a very rare Echinacea honey.  Like I said, I am involved because of our family's interest in keeping my spouse healthy.

Feb 03, 2013 12:56 AM