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Are You Looking Both Ways?

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"But I had the light!" is probably one of the most common phrases spoken after a car accident.  Green means go for me, red means stop for them.  Before you know it, you're on the phone with your insurance company.

Who doesn't remember an adult reminding them to "look both ways before you cross the street"? It seems like common sense so basic we wouldn't even need to teach it.  But it's funny how that lesson, which seems so obvious, s oftne lost in other areas of our lives.

Take for instance, the raft of real estate market data you hear every month.  What's new construction look like?  How did sales do last month? What are land prices in Ashtabula County doing?  Is the land leased? To a certain extent, these are just the traffic lights of Real Estate.  You need a trusted Agent to help you look both ways before you act on those "trusted" signals.

Knowing the local market doesn't necessarily mean knowing the big numbers.  It means knowing the specifics.  It means knowing how to interpret market activity taylored to the needs of my clients.  It means know what land prices and variables are doing in our area.  Metaphorically it's my job to be a good scout and protect client interests as the "cross the market".  That includes not getting hit by a bus sized bad move!

Reporting always lags behind reality, thos the delay may be small or large. Local agents are the best real-time readers of neighborhoods, rural areas, and property inventory.  Don't get too nervous about what you hear in the news.  Talk to someone who's out there making it!

Keep your eyes open out there!  Contact me if you're considering making a move, buying or selling land in Ashtabula and our surrounding Northeastern Ohio areas.