Nothing can remind you more quickly about powerlessness...

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... than your child getting sick, except maybe working with a nervous first-time buyer. Well, not really.

My son got real sick earlier in January which required multiple trips to his pediatrician and even a trip to Scottish Rite. Once we determined what was wrong, we had a course of action. But, he was so beat up from the event he quickly got two other bugs. It really was a rough month for him; and his two parents.

Now that he is better, my wife and I have had time to reflect on the whole process, and just how little control we, as parents, really have. Let's face it, that good home environment provides a great sense of comfort, but it really is nothing more than a foundation. I, for one, found it quite difficult to rely on the faith I profess to have while in the middle of the storm. That said, there are many examples that highlight that it was not as elusive as it felt, and that I did a better job than I credited myself.

Here is what stands out:

  1. Trust your gut as a parent.
    We took Trey to the doctor because we knew something was amiss, but the seriousness of the situation had not yet presented itself.
  2. Trust the pediatrician; he does this everyday.
    We are really lucky here. Dr. Penny really knows Trey and picked up on things going on before they were bad. He was also conservative and chose not to blindly throw treatment at an unknown problem. This proved crucial because had he done so, the issues would have been MUCH more severe.
  3. Trust the process.
    I cannot say enough good things about the process at Scottish Rite. The staff did a tremendous job of keeping Trey calm and relaxed, and in so doing made his parents comfortable in an unsettling situation. I really cannot say enough about the staff at every level. To a person, they really did a fantastic job CARING for the patient while diagnosing and treating the problem.
  4. Do the next right thing.
    Sometimes this is all you can do, but it is this action that keeps you in faith, rather than consumed by fear.

The irony here is that working with home buyers & sellers, especially first-time buyers is not all that dis-similar to what Tracy and I went through with Trey. The whole buying and selling process requires so many uncontrollable outside forces to come into line that it is quite easy for emotion and fear to creep into the transaction. Having been in the business a while, I have a great team of professionals around me that allow me to focus, almost solely, on my clients and KNOW that each of them will handle their parts of the business in the best interests of my clients.

The bottom line is that without the right process and the right people, the situation can become fraught with headaches and problems. I can honestly say that I am blessed to have such great, accountable people in both my personal and professional life. I am immeasurably grateful that this is the case.

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