RAMBLINGS........February, 2013

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By:  Diane Sawdon

Nonsense can be defined as foolish or unacceptable behavior.   I am unable to conjure up a reason why this word is stuck in my brain.   Maybe I am just ready for some serious foolishness in my life.   I turned a year older last month~~maybe that is the explanation.   I have been practicing wearing my big boots and puddle stomping while spreading glitter (see last month’s Ramblings) about my world, so maybe I am feeling a bit more light hearted or foolish.   I have never had a difficult time laughing at myself.   I have always believed that if you cannot laugh at yourself first, who can you laugh at??  I have come to the simple conclusion that foolish, in my case, is good.   Foolish can explain and excuse a myriad of questionable actions.
After almost 45 years of marriage, I must make this confession.   I cried on my wedding night.  No, it is not what you are thinking.   I was in tears because I did not have my “nonnie.”    Since I was a child, I always had a nonnie,  or pillow, and I never slept without  resting my head on my  special pillow.    Fast forward to my wedding night~~~NO nonnie.   My poor husband thought I was insane and probably wondered what he had just signed up for during the wedding ceremony.   Needless to say, the very next day, I was at my Mother’s house to recoup said pillow.   My pillows are filled with one hundred percent white goose down and after a few years,  they do lose their firmness and compress.  I am not sure how many nonnie replacements  there have been in 45 years of marriage, but just last week, Big Willie arrived at my back door.   This is the ultimate nonnie.   He is firm and fully packed (with goose down).   If you know me and my Better Half well enough, you can only begin to imagine the pillow talk at night when we go to bed~~~you see Richard does not have a Big Willie (yet) and I believe Richard might feel threatened by this colossal new man in my life.   Do not tell him, but he really does not need to worry.    After close to 45 years, not even Big Willie can take his place.

I think I need to talk about birthday gifts.   A woman loves to get something romantic from her spouse.    Now, in my case, my husband went out of his way to purchase something I truly wanted~~a heated toilet seat.   Our master bath is at the far end of our home and  three of the walls are outside walls.   It is the frozen tundra in that room at night when we come in to get ready for bed.   For months Richard has listened to me howl, complain, and moan when I plant myself down on the seat of the, for lack of a better word, throne.   No longer do I have to worry about my body parts being frozen to the plumbing parts.   You may be shaking your head in disbelief, but this humble gift has brought peace and harmony in our lives.   Compromise is a wonderful thing.

And my last bit of foolishness~~I have acute Spring Fever.  The weather the past few days has been such a tease.   We have been outside without  our bodies zipped up in coats and jackets.   The daffodils are beginning to poke their way through the cold soil on one side of our driveway.   After spending eight winters here, I know that March and April can deliver winter with a vengeance.   It is Mother Nature’s way of retaliation for such a pleasant February.   Meanwhile, I shall enjoy each hour of Spring like sunshine.  

February is a short month, but live it large.   Find those puddles and spread that glitter.  My personal mantra for 2013.........................







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