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Miami Beach Plumber Over 20 Years Fixing Drains and Pipes in Miami

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Miami Beach Plumber "Empire Plumbing" Helping Miami Area Home
and Condominium Owners with Broker Pipes, Clogged Drains and Leaks

Looking for a reliable and professional plumbing service in the Miami Beach area?

Call Empire Plumbing at Empire Plumbing & Gas, 1754 Bay Road, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139
for help with clogged pipes, drains, leaking faucets, broken sinks, toilets, washing machine
pipes, drains and more!


Miami Plumber Empire Plumbing Miami Beach Fl.

Empire Plumbing - Home Inspection Experts for Plumbing -

Need a new home inspected for plumbing problems - we are
you best choice for finding what your new home or condos may need.

We can help with "plumbing estimates" for new showers, kitchens, bathrooms and
more. If you are thinking about doing renovations or upgrades let us help with
finding the best plumbing products on the market.

Miami Plumbers - Empire Plumbing Miami Beach toilet repair and fixes

Empire Plumbing & Gas is one of Miami's longest established and most trusted professional plumbing companies. Every one of our professional plumbers is a loyal, trusted long term employee of our company. As a team we share a genuine desire to serve our customers in all facets of plumbing and gas services.

From repair and maintenance to capacity or energy efficiency upgrades, design input to new installation our entire workforce has the skill, experience and expertise required to give you real peace of mind.

Call us for more information or if you need a plumber SAVE $50 and mention
"PLUMBERS SPECIAL"  Call 305-531-7017

Empire Plumbing & Gas, 1754 Bay Road, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139
(c) 1 Miami Plumber

Miami Beach Plumber - Empire Plumbing 

Miami's Restaurant Plumbing Experts

Empire Plumbing & Gas are Miami's restaurant plumbing experts. Our local restaurant clients rely upon us for new installations, remodelling, restoration and maintenance. Call us for an immediate response to work on your grease traps or interceptors.

Rental Property Service and Maintenance

Empire Plumbing & Gas can help you to maximise efficiency and water consumption. We are experienced with installation of water meters and sub meters. These services are important to ensure proper water usage allocation in your water consumption billing.


Design Efficiency & Value Engineering

Empire Plumbing & Gas can provide valuable input for design efficiency and value engineering of plumbing designs. We are happy to be included in the design process with your engineer.


Your satisfaction is our Number 1 priority

Empire Plumbing & Gas stands alone in the Miami plumbing trade for level of service and involvement of our company owners in servicing our clients needs. Our Number 1 priority is our commitment to client satisfaction.

  • Commercial Plumbing Contractor
  • Restaurant Plumbing
  • Rental Properties
  • Theatres
  • No job too large or too small

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