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We’ve all heard the old saying “how time flies when you’re having fun” -  these phrases were used most likely by our parents and grandparents. To my amazement, it is seventy years since the Glenn Miller Orchestra made “Don’t Sit Under the apple Tree” one of the most famous songs of the second World War.   

     Apple tree                                                                                      

The connotation and yearning were evident – “till I come marching home”. Even today there are many members of the Armed forces posted away from their partners and family members. On February 14th we are reminded to remember your valentine; an commercialized occasion that’s a boon for florists, restauranteurs, tourist operators and associated industries. 

Imagine how exciting it would be to start househunting now and actually have the keys to your new kingdom and celebrate there on February 14th, 2015!

I’ve heard it said that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – but consider the glitter of a new housekey and promise of long lasting togetherness at a new address! 

There’s plenty of time to get this project underway and completed. Please don’t rush headlong into a REALTOR® relationship though; without choosing that partner wisely.

If you live outside the Muskoka area please call me anyway – I’ll recommend the perfect person to represent you in a purchase or sale. 

My commitment is long-term and I promise to be faithful!

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