16 No-Brainer, Must-Have Items for Your Tampa Custom Home

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By Jon Solomon

When it comes to your custom home, we like to cut through the BS. Here are 16 no-brainers that will improve the way you live by increasing your home’s comfort and efficiency.

  1. Warranty – By far the biggest no-brainer is that your home needs to have a written warranty. A 1/10 warranty provides a 1-year warranty on all material and workmanship in your home, as well as a 10-year warranty on the structural components. The warranty is transferable and backed by a 3rd party. For more information visit http://www.bondedbuilders.com/.
  2. Soil Test – Doing a soil test prior to designing your home just makes sense. Many properties in the Tampa Bay area have been developed through dredging and other man-made means. Knowing the soil consistency allows the design of the foundation to be done properly to avoid cracking and other structural problems. Read More
  3. Footer & Stemwall Foundation – There are different types of foundations, but choosing a footer & stemwall will provide a solid foundation for your home. Read More
  4. Block Exterior Walls – Whether it’s for durability, sound proofing or resistance to rotting and bugs - use as much concrete block on exterior walls as possible. Read More
  5. Engineered Framing – Frankly, there are too many great products to mention, but the no-brainers are Zip System wall sheathing, Advantec sub-floors, & LP TechShield roof sheathing. All are superior in performance to CDX or OSB.
  6. Peal & Stick Roofing Underlayment – Every Tampa builders and homeowner's nightmare starts and ends with water leaks. If a roofing product can significantly reduce roofing leaks, you can bet it’s a no-brainer. Read More
  7. Exterior Garage Door Keypad – You don’t want to carry your keys every time you walk your dog, go for a run or bike ride - do you? This is a no-brainer that pays off quickly. Learn More
  8. Hurricane Impact Windows – Are you really going to get on a ladder to install shutters or plywood when a storm is coming? Me neither. New homes in Tampa can greatly benefit from this protective feature and can save homeowners a lot of money in the long run.
  9. High Efficiency AC System – Tampa custom home builders recommend going with a brand name (Carrier, Trane, Lennox) and selecting a system with a 14 Seer variable speed air handler. Lastly, make sure your system has a single filter tray and a digital, programmable humidistat. Read More
  10. Quiet Bath Fans – Pulling steam and moisture out of your bath is really important to the health of your home, but doing it with limited noise is pretty inexpensive and can keep the peace amongst those with different sleep schedules. Learn More
  11. PEX Plumbing – It looks cool (like something out of the movie "Alien"), plus you decrease the risk of leaks and get hot water faster. Now that’s REALLY cool! Read More
  12. Gas & Tankless Water Heater – So PEX gets us hot water faster, but a gas tankless W/H makes sure it never ends. Ahhhhhh. Gas really is efficient. Read More
  13. Technology Pre-wiring – When building a home, remember Moore’s law that technology performance will double and prices will cut in half every 18th months. There’s no better reason to pre-wire your home so that future technologies are easier for you to install and manage.
  14. Advanced Insulation – Injecting the block walls with foam insulation and installing radiant barrier on all walls will dramatically improve a home’s efficiency. Home builders Tampa FL love it because it pays you back in less than 2 years. Read More
  15. Waterproofing & Mold Prevention – Tampa Florida is known for it's tropical climate, so it is important that Tampa new home builders take this into consideration to build safer and more secure homes. Applying waterproofing to window and door openings will help prevent water intrusion and antimicrobial mold prevention will prevent mold growth.
  16. Pest Prevention – Termite treatments should be applied both to the soil under the home’s slab and to the interior wood framing. Installing an in-wall pest tube system will prevent those other annoying critters, ants and roaches. Read More

These items may not WOW you when you walk in your home, but they should allow you to sleep better knowing you have an efficient, comfortable home that will support you and your family for years to come.

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