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6 Reasons To Cancel Your Advanced Distressed Property Expert Website!

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Here are six reasons, along with a three minute video proving each of these things, on why you should immediately cancel your Advanced Distressed Property Expert website and set up a Short Sale Lead Machine website for $1:

  1. These advanced Distressed Property Expert websites do NOT have proper Search Engine Optimization metatags, page titles and keywords (see video below). Many of the home pages are "De-Indexed" and do not show up at all on search engines, because they are basically duplicated content and viewed as spam. In addition, the sites that DO show up on Google are typically titled "Homepage" or "No More Salem Foreclosures" as the title to the entire website.
  2. The ability to customize your website (see video below). This is also important for search engine optimization. Short sale lead machine sites are not only customizable, but we offer a complete video training course to teach you how to customize them, optimize them for even greater success on the search engines, and even market your site in order to drive massive traffic to it and generate more leads. And if you don't have the time to do this, we can do it for you.
  3. A Short Sale Decision Maker Calculator. Our lead machine sites (and many other sites) will take a visitors home address and automatically determine a current value, then combine that information along with their mortgage information to determine first how long it will take, then home much money the borrower will have to spend until they are no longer in a negative equity position based on multiple levels of appreciation. An outstanding lead capture tool.
  4. Social networking share buttons. These are completely lacking on ALL advanced distressed property expert websites, but are critical to have on any website in the 21st century. The Short Sale Lead Machine websites have social network share buttons on the top and bottom of each and every page, which allow visitors to share your sites content with all of their friends, family and contacts.
  5. The ability to have a blog. The Short Sale Lead Machine websites have a blogging feature that is automatically built in and very easy to use. Another critical element for Search Engine Optimization.
  6. A weekend training class does not make somebody an "expert" in a field. Many attorneys have argued that agents can be setting themselves up for lawsuits from disgruntled home owners who go into Forclosure. Is your training enough to defend the "expert" title in court?

The Short Sale Lead Machine program offers many additional features and resources, such as pre-made Craigslist and Backpage marketing ads for you to use, over five hours of videos to teach you how to customize and market your site, and weekly Short Sale Mastermind Agent Webinars featuring many of the top short sale agents, coaches and trainers in the country. And the best part, is that instead of spending $99 or $129 or more per month for a website that doesn't work, our sites are only a buck to set up with no contract or commitment, then $59 per month after that.  The lower cost is yet another reason to make the switch TODAY!
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Watch This Three Minute Video to see the
above referenced FACTS for yourself

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John Pusa
Glendale, CA

Mike - Thank you for sharing detailed information about six reasons to cancel an advanced distressed property expert website.

Feb 06, 2013 05:32 AM