Inspiration for 2013 day 37. Feb 6 2013

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Decide what your big why is and go for it!  Your life is determined by your choices and nothing else.  Decide to be everything you were made to be!

Original content by Steve Warrene

The Steve Warrene Team

Decide... "The only person  you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."  It's your day to day decisions that shape and make you.  If you want to be athletic then you have to decide to be athletic everyday.  If you want to be wealthy the you have to decide to be wealthy everyday.  Are you tired of renting and want to become a home owner?  Are you tired of having to answer to your landlord?  Then you need to decide to be a homeowner everyday.  Anything you want to be or become you have to decide today and everyday to be that person.


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