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bankruptcy myth 300x145 Bankruptcy Myth #3   VancouverToday’s video really hit home for me because I hear this one a lot in my business.

Bankruptcy Myth #3 addresses yet another myth that everyone wants to know the answer to.

Blair Mantin, the vice president of Sands & Associates, and I dispel yet another Myth in the world of bankruptcy. Go ahead and watch…

I can’t stress this enough, you MUST re-establish your credit after bankruptcy.

You should start doing this almost immediately.

Ask me about a secured credit card. One that reports on the credit bureau every single month. It’s all about re-establishing a good track record in terms of your re-payment pattern. An RRSP loan is also another good tool for re-establsihing your credit. It’s much easier to get and it aslo triggers a nice tax benefit.

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Check out the video “Bankruptcy Vancouver BC Myth #3, Vancouver Blair Mantin and Mark Fidgett on Bankruptcy vancouver

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