Clearing the Way to Decluttered Acton Open Houses

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Clearing the Way to Decluttered Local Open Houses 


Why so many open houses in Acton? The reason is because they are so effective -- not only by instantly spreading notice that a property is seriously entering the market, but also by creating a firm target date for the seller – a day when all concerned agree that the property will be in peak ‘showability’ condition.

Open houses are like showings on steroids. With dozens of visitors in the offing, there’s little doubt that every effort will go into preparing for them. Along those lines, every agent will tell you that a tidy home is far more tempting than one that looks too lived-in.  The New York Times recently offered the assessment that decluttering is vital because "most real estate is aspirational, and buyers want to see themselves in someplace better and more beautiful."  

Therefore, a basic part of preparing for open houses is the unglamorous task of whittling away as much of the daily clutter as possible. There are some stress-reducing ways you can approach the task:

Focus on how long it has been since items were used  

Anything you haven’t used in the past three months is a candidate for storage (or beyond!) It may be easier than you think.

Identify items in disrepair  

Homes across America are filled with things that fit this category – items that don’t belong on display in any Acton open houses. (When you find items like this, you may feel better about tossing them when you realize no one ever gets around repairing them, anyway!) 

Find what’s hidden in plain sight

Finally, scout through the house for items you take for granted – but which add little charm. Shelves with books and magazines you will never read and chests in the kids’ room filled with long-abandoned toys are examples. Clearing such “hidden in plain sight” articles will complete the decluttering -- and create the kind of open houses potential buyers get serious about. If you are anticipating the coming spring selling season, then it’s time to recruit a top-notch Acton agent to help. I hope you won’t hesitate to give me a call!

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