I Have 4 Writing Outlets, How 'Bout You?

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I Have 4 Writing Outlets, How 'Bout You?Writing Outlets...Journal

Since the 8th grade, I've wanted to be a published writer.  I will continue to work toward that dream and I'm confident that some day it will happen.

Meantime, I am fortunate enough to have 4 writing outlets.  

(1) Facebook is a way to share with EVERYONE. The downside is I have to be cautious about what I share here.  I don't want to broadcast that I'm going out of town for a week, so my house will be empty.  

I can share fun places that I've visited AFTER I've returned.  I can also share struggles or challenges that I might be having hoping for some wisdom from my friends and family!  :-)

(2) Of course, Active Rain allows me to share a little bit of real life and real estate with the members of Active Rain and the public.  I can share a little bit of me and little bit of my knowledge. It's forum that allows me to express myself personally and professionally!

(3) I hand write my personal journal. This is the one place I can express my most personal and emotional feelings.  It's a safe and private place.

(4) I also hand write my writing journal.  I've started a book.  Haven't gotten very far, but it will come.  I've also written some poems.  Who knows, maybe my first book will be poetry! :-)


Are you the next James Patterson OR John Grisham just waiting to be found? Is your Active Rain blog all about your business? 


<BTW this is my 999th blog post! Wahoo!>


I Have 4 Writing Outlets, How 'Bout You?


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Rosemary Brooks
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Michael that was so nice of you to ask.  Yes I will and off I go. 

Feb 10, 2013 05:05 AM