8 Things Every Seller Should Do

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8 Things Every Seller Should Do:


1.     Get involved in the marketing.  Check out what’s being written about your property and give your Realtor® suggestions of its strong points.  A good Realtor® will blog about your property.

2.      Be a big mouth.  Tell all your coworkers, family and friends that your house is for sale and give them your Realtor’s website so they will know where they can look to see the details.  They probably aren’t interested in buying it, but they may know someone who is and they will want to help you.

3.     All the world’s a “stage”.  Properly stage your home to sell quickly.  Use your Realtor’s expertise or pay a professional stager.  It’s more than meets the eye.  Staged homes mean more money in your pocket.

4.      Bright as a shiny penny.  Open the curtains and blinds, clean the light fixtures, and replace the light bulbs with a higher wattage, if possible.  The brightness will improve the warmth factor in your property.

5.      Price it right.  10 showings with no offer?  Two weeks with no showings?  That means you’re probably priced too high.  Re-evaluate your motivation and discuss with your Realtor® your options for a quick sale.

6.      Keep ‘em on.  If your property is vacant, keep the utilities on.  The buyer’s will appreciate the warmth in winter and the coolness in summer.  They will want to see into the dark nooks.  And the utilities will need to be on for the inspection and appraisal anyway. 

7.      No pets.  Even if you’re a pet-lover like me, make sure your property is pet-free during showings.  Remove all signs of your pets including their bedding and feeding dishes.  Many buyers won’t consider a property that has pets.

8.      See ya!  Always vacate the home during showings.  Buyers are more comfortable viewing your property if you aren’t there.  You want them to view the property as if it’s theirs, so let the buyer peruse in peace.



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