Excelsior Lake Minnetonka Development is a Hot Topic!

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A Thursday, January 31st, article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune was the first I’ve known about a plan for a pavillion to be built on what is now a public park, on public land. The proposed Pavillion would block the view of the lake at the end of the street. It seems fair to say that downtown main street is named Water ST leading visitors to Excelsior’s incredible view of Lake Minnetonka. I’ve lived in Tonka Bay for 23 years and Excelsior feels like home, hence the interest.

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Unfortunately, the Star did not discuss another proposed project, a hotel to be located at the end of Water St in the old Pizza Hut location. The hotel would boast views of Lake Minnetonka from almost every room. The Pavillion, a 35 foot tall structure (taller than city requirements) would also effectively block the view of Lake Minnetonka from the hotel rooms.

This Excelsior Lake Minnetonka Development is a hot topic judging from phone calls to the South Lake Minnetonka - Excelsior Chamber of Commerce. The next scheduled public comment session will be held at 7:00 pm at the Southshore Community Center, 5735 County Club Road in Shorewood.

The task at hand will be to boost the City of Excelsior’s economic growth and stability with a continuity to its historic past congruent with the City’s intent on preservation. No Wallmarts wanted here. The challenge will be to marry a plan making positive develpment sense, responsible use of public land, and also making visitors and citizens smile. They who are flexible win in all cases.

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Great post, Loretta!  It's good to see you here.

It's a shame to see lake views in Excelsior disappear.  It will be interesting to see how the City of Excelsior handles this one!

Feb 01, 2008 10:11 AM